Kim Jong-un threw a reception especially to honor his science team and the engineers who dedicated their lives to his nuclear program

The North Korean leader organized this really glamorous reception in the honor of the scientists and engineers who worked on the nuclear test last week, the KCNA news agency has reported.

However, the agency did not mention anything about the exact location of the banquet, but the experts believe the event took place on Saturday.

Photos published by KCNA show the Communist leader smiling in the People’s Theater alongside two of his most eminent scientists: Ri Hong Sop, head of the North Korean Nuclear Weapons Institute, and Hong Sung Mu, deputy director of the Ammunition Industry Department.

Ri and Hong have played two of the most crucial roles in the North Korean nuclear program.

Both of them are omnipresent in the photos taken during the nuclear tests, where their Supreme Leader is grinning from ear to ear.

North Korea claims the most recent test was an important breakthrough regarding their new hydrogen bomb.

Although there was no independent confirmation, numerous Western experts say there are enough pieces of evidence that suggest the isolated state already developed a hydrogen bomb or the experiment will be finalized soon.

During his speech, Kim praised scientists for “taking the initiative” to achieve “the ultimate goal of completing the nuclear power of the state.”

“The recent H bomb test is a great victory won by the Korean people with the cost of their blood, gathering the belt in this tensioned period”, the Pyongyang leader said.

In March, Kim Jong-Un said his country managed to miniaturize a thermonuclear warhead, suitable to be attached to a nuclear weapon. Although his theory was questioned by numerous experts, the supreme leader claims he discovered the technology.